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Self Contained Logging Thermometer / Hygro-Thermometer


This unit can be placed anywhere, and log temperature, and optionally humidity and dew point data for up to a year using the self contained data logger. Simply plug the data logger into the USB port of your Windows PC to download, graph, and export the data using the software provided.




  • Contained in a solar/IR thermometer shield, it mounts to wooden post or to a metal pole, mounting screws/U-bolts included
  • Automatic logging of temperature, plus optionally humidity and dew point - no wires or external counters needed
  • Automatic and unattended operation anywhere for a period of up to 1 year
  • Easy removal of datalogger from solar/IR thermometer shield via twist-off bottom cap
  • Long life Lithium battery included
  • Data in comma delimited format can be exported to Excel, Databases, graphing programs etc
  • Selectable logging intervals from seconds to days
  • Rugged wide temperature range: -35 to +80C (-31 to +176F)
  • Radiation shield case is made of UV resistant material for long life
  • Designed to meet the measurement guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization
  • Optional portable tripod mounting (see accessories)
  • Complementary to our Automatic Logging Rain Gauge

Software included on CD ROM:

  • Software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8
  • Support for graphing of event data and the ability to export to Excel and comma delimited text files




  • Greenhouse monitoring
  • Remote temperature and humidity/dew point monitoring
  • Golf courses and other grass management monitoring
  • Agricultural field monitoring at growing locations for evaluating seasonal crop performance
  • Orchard monitoring
  • Spot monitoring for construction/concrete and other temperature/humidity dependent operations

Units come pre-assembled and tested from the factory, ready to deploy, only minor assembly is required. Mounting screws/bolts are included along with a mounting/placement guide. 

Functionality of the datalogger unit in the field is indicated by flashing red and green LEDs, with an option to flash the red LED every time an event occurs.

Datalogger includes special datalogger software on CD ROM, waterproof cap, long life Lithium battery which allows logging for up to 1 year, and manual.


The data is saved in comma delimited format with date/time stamps for easy import into other spreadsheet, database, and graphing applications. See a sample data file here (.txt format)






#WXALT - Automatic Logging Thermometer (with USB-1 data logger) $199.95    Qty:  

#WXALTH - Automatic Logging Hygro-Thermometer (with USB-2 data logger) $219.95    Qty:  

#WXALTHP - Automatic Logging Hygro-Thermometer, PLUS Model (High Accuracy, with USB-2+ data logger) $246.95    Qty:  

#WX7717 - Mounting Pole Kit   $31.00    Qty:  

#WX7716 - Tripod   $67.50    Qty:  

#WXL-DATAPAD - DataPad Reader   $171.65    Qty:  


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