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Nassau M60 Aneroid Barometer


M60 Aneroid Barometer Uses German made twin-cell pressure sensor for highest accuracy. No power is required for operation. The M60 is calibrated at the factory using a high quality pressure chamber to set the readings so that it arrives at your door fully ready for operation. Specify altitude if between 2,000 feet and 5,000 feet.  Please note: M60 barometer does not work above 5,000 feet.

Includes brass "set pointer" to allow you to set a point of current pressure to see what has changed in an hour or two, or overnight.

Designed and manufactured for professional use, the Nassau line of instruments have been used extensively by numerous agencies such as the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. It has also been used at FAA approved airports, and in many industrial and research applications. These instruments are designed to provide high accuracy and trouble-free operation. They will provide years of continuous service. Their appearance is one of class and elegance. If you are looking to outfit your boat, beach house, den or office with instrumentation that says "quality" at a glance, then these are the units for you.


Range:  27.50 in Hg to 31.50 in Hg (in Hg stands for inches of Mercury)
none required

Size/Mounting:    4.1/2" in diameter and 2 1/8" deep plus has a circular mounting flange 51/2" in diameter with three mounting holes for surface mount to wood, plastic, or metal

Style: Available in Traditional Brass or Polished Chrome Finish

Warranty: 5 year warranty (commercial installations 1 year)

Suggested Retail Price: $298/Brass and $312/Chrome




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#WXN-M60SBB   Nassau M60 Barometer:   $280.00 (List Price $320.00)

Black Dial w/ Brass Case
Black Dial w/ Chrome Case - Add $25.00
Silver Dial w/ Brass Case
Silver Dial w/ Chrome Case - Add $25.00

Enter your altitude if your location is over 2000 ft. * in order to calibrate properly (no extra charge)

Altitude above sea-level (if over 2000 ft.) *:

* PLEASE NOTE: This aneroid barometer is only designed to operate below 5000 ft. For higher altitudes see our Maximum barometer.



Instruction Manual (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)
    M60 Barometer




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