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Nassau M52 Apparent Wind Direction Gauge

(for boats, ships, yachts)



This unit is used extensively in the marine industry on ships, ferries, and private watercraft.

When combined with the M50 Wind Speed Gauge, it provides a most accurate "at a glance" instant wind data reading.

The External Wind vane assembly can be mounted on a ships mast, or on any standard TV antenna mast, a length of pipe, or a tripod for portable use.

Wind direction is displayed using a continuous 0-360 degrees scale pointer plus shows the outline of the ship and "port" and "starboard" labels. The direction the pointer is indicating is the direction the wind is coming from. Indispensable for wind powered watercraft and useful for motor driven vessels too.

Includes special split tail wind vane (which reduces side to side flutter), 75 feet of cable, plus all mounting hardware. 

Designed and manufactured for professional use, the Nassau line of instruments have been used extensively by numerous agencies such as the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. It has also been used at FAA approved airports, and in many industrial and research applications. These instruments are designed to provide high accuracy and trouble-free operation. They will provide years of continuous service. Their appearance is one of class and elegance. If you are looking to outfit your boat, beach house, den or office with instrumentation that says "quality" at a glance, then these are the units for you.


Range:  0 to 360 degrees, continuous

Power: 12VDC operation. Has terminals for 12VDC battery power/solar power

Size/Mounting:    Gauge is 4.1/2" in diameter and 2 1/8" deep plus has a circular mounting flange 51/2" in diameter with three mounting holes for surface mount to wood, plastic, or metal. The External Anemometer can be mounted on any standard TV antenna mast, a length of pipe, or a tripod for portable use all hardware is included along with 100 feet of cable.

Style: Available in Traditional Brass or Polished Chrome Finish

Warranty: 5 year warranty (commercial installations 1 year) on indicator, 1 year warranty on outdoor sensors.


#WXN-M52SBB   Nassau M52 Wind Apparent Direction Indicator for Boats:   $465.00 (List Price $525.00)

Black Dial w/ Brass Case
Black Dial w/ Chrome Case - Add $25.00
Silver Dial w/ Brass Case
Silver Dial w/ Chrome Case - Add $25.00



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