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WeatherShop presents:

Nassau Traditional Weather Instruments

by Outdoor Environments LLC

Designed and manufactured for professional use, the Nassau line of instruments have been used extensively by numerous agencies such as the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. It has also been used at FAA approved airports, and in many industrial and research applications. In keeping with current technology these units have been updated from the original design with new solid state IC's and other enhancements to maintain their high standard within the meteorological industry. The indoor dials measure 4-1/2" in diameter and 2-1/8" deep and are available in either polished brass cases or chrome mirror finish. Each has a circular mounting flange 5-1/2" in diameter. Cable lengths are 75 feet unless otherwise stated.

These instruments are designed to provide high accuracy and trouble-free operation. They will provide years of continuous service. Their appearance is one of class and elegance. If you are looking to outfit your boat, beach house, den or office with instrumentation that says "quality" at a glance, then these are the units for you.

All indicators come with a 5 year warranty (commercial installations 1 year), and all outside sensors come with a 1 year warranty.

Dial External Sensors Instrument description and link to details and order forms
M58 Air temperature gauge showing optional Infrared Radiation Shield for external temp sensor. -40 to +120 F or C 120VAC and/or 12VDC operation. Includes 60 feet of cable. Details and order form
M45 Combination wind speed & direction gauge showing external anemometer and wind vane assembly. This unit has red LED's showing direction around circumference and pointer for wind speed.Details and order form
M50 Wind speed indicator. Uses external anemometer only. No external power required. Details and order form
M42 Peak Wind speed indicator. Identical to M50 above, but has a button you can press that will show the peak wind gust reading. Has electronic memory.Details and order form
M51 Wind direction indicator. Uses external Wind Vane only. 120VAC and/or 12VDC operation. Details and order form
M52 Ships Apparent Wind direction indicator. For use on boat, ships, yachts. Gives wind direction relative to vessels heading. Uses external Wind Vane only. 12VDC operation. Details and order form
none M60 Barometer Uses German made twin-cell pressure sensor for highest accuracy. No power required. Details and order form
none M64 Quartz Ships Chronometer/Clock. 12 and 24 hour dial marks, Accurate to +/- 2 secs per month. Uses single AA size battery good for a year or more. 
Details and order form
none M65 Tide Clock. Based on lunar day of 24 hrs 50 minutes, will provide accurate indication of tide cycle. Uses single AA size battery good for a year or more. 
Details and order form 



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