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How to provide artwork/photos for your boat name/logo to be included in the voltmeter startup splash screen

When you place an order, we'll send you and email requesting your customization photo, artwork, or name when we fulfill the order.

 There are three ways to have your custom splash screen made. Simply send us in the return email one of these:

  1.  Take a photograph of your stern name/artwork. Take a straight-on photo, perpendicular to the stern, and leave about 10-20% outside. try not to have any shadows fall across it.

    See photo example.

    It will look something like this when we finish:

  2.  If you had custom artwork done, send us artwork in a file atteched to your email, such as a PNG, JPG, BMP, or PSD file.

  3.  Simply give us a name and a home port, and a preferred font style, and a preferred name color, and we'll make a simple splash screen for you.

For more information or to order by telephone, please call toll-free Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm PST 1-800-949-8434 from within the United States, or 1-530-899-8434 from other countries, or send E-mail to info@weathershop.com. All products are discount priced from: