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Self Contained Automatic Logging Rain Gauge

with Display


This unit can be placed anywhere, and log rainfall data for up to a year using the self contained data logger. Simply plug the data logger into the USB port of your Windows PC to download, graph, and export the data using the software provided.



  • Can easily be mounted to a post or a flat surface with the included lag screws, or pole mounted with the supplied U-bolt* and hardware. 

    * The rain collector can be mounted on a pole having an outside diameter ranging from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" (32 44mm). 
      A larger U-bolt (not supplied) can be used to mount to a pole with a maximum outside diameter of 2 1/2" (64mm).
  • Built in bubble level for level surface alignment
  • Self-emptying tipping-bucket design is exceptionally accurate
  • Special metallized tipper coating resists mildew and algae growth
  • Easy snap on cover, no tools required, rotate and lock into place
  • Self contained logging of rainfall - no wires or external counters needed
  • Automatic and unattended operation anywhere for a period of up to 1 year
  • Long life Lithium battery included
  • Choice of 0.01 inch or 0.2 mm metric models
  • Internal calibration adjustment of +/- 2% if desired. Pre calibrated at factory
  • Comes with software for your PC to download data, works under Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7
  • Data in comma delimited format can be exported to Excel, Databases, graphing programs etc
  • Selectable logging intervals from seconds to days, preset from factory for 1 hour intervals
  • Stores up to 32,510 rain tips (325.1 inches or 6502 millimeters) of rainfall
  • Rugged wide temperature range: -35 to +80C (-31 to +176F)
  • Rain collector case is made of UV resistant
  • Designed to meet the measurement guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization
  • Built in LCD display shows rainfall count while USB datalogger simultaneously records the data for later analysis
  • Counts up to 999999.99 inches or millimeters
  • Reset switch allows rain count to be reset on demand
  • Counter has 10 year battery life from internal Lithium battery
  • No shock hazard, uses low voltage battery
  • Unattended and maintenance free operation virtually anywhere
  • Electronics are specially coated to resist water and prevent corrosion
  • Home, school, or business rainfall monitoring
  • Remote rainfall monitoring
  • Lawn sprinkler delivery monitoring
  • Golf courses and other grass management rainfall/irrigation monitoring
  • Agricultural rainfall/irrigation monitoring at growing locations


Units come pre-assembled and tested from the factory, ready to deploy, no assembly is required. Mounting screws and leaf/debris strainer is included along with a mounting/placement guide. Tipper unit is locked with a strap during shipping to prevent damage, and can be cut with a scissors or knife prior to deployment. Functionality of the datalogger unit in the field is indicated by flashing red and green LEDs, with an option to flash the red LED every time an event occurs.

Datalogger includes special datalogger software on CD ROM, waterproof cap, long life Lithium battery which allows logging for up to 1 year, and manual.



Sample Data File produced by the Logging Rain Gauge software: Sample_Rain_logger.txt
The data file shows that the logger captures rainfall tips (.01 inch or 0.2 millimeter) per logging interval, in this case hourly:



#WXI-ALRG-ID   Automatic Logging Rain Gauge w/ Internal Display (.01 inch):   $369.95 (List Price $409.99)   Qty:

#WXI-ALRG-ID-M   Automatic Logging Rain Gauge w/ Internal Display - Metric Units (.2 mm):   $369.95 (List Price $409.99)   Qty:


Documentation (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)




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